Complete Spectranet Data Plans 2020 (plus new VAT)


Use Spectranet as your Internet service provider? Then this Spectranet data plans will be of great value to you.

Or are you hoping to make a choice on which internet service provider you should be using based on your budget?

This article will enlighten you on what you get with the Spectranet network so that you can make informed decision.

Spectranet is a major internet service provider in Nigeria, other providers in this portable broadband provider category include Smile and Ntel.

Find a lost of complete Spectranet data plans below:

SNNameAmountData SpecsValidityAccess PeriodBonus
1Unified Value 8GB₦3,0704GB AnytimeOne Month24/74GB Night
2Unified Value 10GB₦3,5805GB AnytimeOne Month24/75GB Night
3Unified Value 14GB₦5,1157GB AnytimeOne Month24/77GB Night
4Unified Value 24GB₦6,14012GB AnytimeOne Month24/712GB Night
5Unified Value 30GB₦7,16515GB AnytimeOne Month24/715 Night
6Mega Value 25GB₦10,23525GB AnytimeOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
7Mega Value 40GB₦12,79540GB AnytimeOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
8Mega Value 60GB₦15,35560GB AnytimeOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
9Always on 50GB (*Abuja only)₦13,30550GBOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
10Always on 100GB₦18,425100GBOne Month24/7Nil
11Always on 100GB₦19,960100GBOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
12Always on 200GB₦38,390200GBOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
13Always on 300GB₦59,820300GBOne Month24/7Free Unlimited @ Night
14Unified night 20GB₦7,67520GBOne MonthNight (7pm – 7am)Nil
15Unified night 40GB₦11,26040GBOne MonthNight (7pm – 7am)Nil
17Booster 1GB₦5001GBAs per Base planNil
18Booster 2GB₦1,0002GBAs per Base planNil
19Booster 5GB₦2,5005GBAs per Base planNil
20Booster 10GB₦4,0004GBAs per Base planNil
21Weekly 15GB₦4,0006GB AnytimeOne Week24/79GB Bonus

A few things to note with the Spectranet plans

**Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am – 7am

* Night Bonus browsing is between 1am – 7am

*All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays

* Bonus Data cannot be rolled over

*Unified Stay Connected Plan is available to customers on any commercial plans from ABUJA only Customer still stays connected after consuming the monthly Capped data of 50GB.


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