From WhatsApp Stories to Facebook – Now Connecting

Whatsapp to facebook

WhatsApp is testing the idea to let users share WhatsApp stories to the Facebook application.

This feature makes WhatsApp users able to share status to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, to Google Photos.

WhatsApp does not require users to integrate their Facebook or social media accounts in the application.

Whatsapp to facebook

Because, the messaging service uses the Application Programming Interface (API) to share data, which is used by iOS and Android. This feature itself comes through the Beta program provided by WhatsApp, even though they have yet to give an official statement.

Previously, the WhatsApp Call feature was reportedly not completely safe. This was confirmed by WhatsApp and Israeli spyware maker software developer, NSO Group Technologies, which said that the feature allows the entry of spyware tools called Pegasus to Android and iOS devices.


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