Google is replacing Android logo

Google android 10 logo

In addition to announcing the official name for the Android Q operating system, Google also refreshed its logo.

If all this time Bugdroid or Android green robot has always been present in a single body, Google now only displays the head.

Unfortunately, there is no specific explanation about it. The semicircular head has a pair of antennas and white coloured eyes and still retains its distinctive colour, which is green.

Google android 10 logo

In addition to Bugdroid, Google is also overhauling the wordmark design or the word ‘Android’. If in the previous version using the word with curved corners are now slightly sharpened on several sides. The colour also changed, no longer green but black.

This is a small change, but we find that green is hard to read, especially for people who have visual impairments,” explained Sameer Samat, VP Product Management for Android, quoted from Google’s official blog, Friday (8/23/2019).

This Android Wordmark will always be accompanied by Bugdroid in its logo. Bugdroid will be on the right side of the word ‘Android’. So that in the future, we will no longer see the green robot logo and the separate word ‘Android’.


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