How Benz, Audi and VW Are Promoting Social Distancing

social distancing

Social distancing is probably the most used word on the planet today, well that is because it is important to practice social distancing in order to remain alive and defeat the deadly coronavirus that has ravished mother earth,

The world is taking unprecedented measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus and to reduce the number of infected people.

One of the WHO’s most powerful tools in this battle is social distancing.

As the COVID-19 still remains without a known cure, the best way to deal with this virus at the moment is to limit its spread and that is why social distancing is very vital.

Different organizations have adopted different measures to encourage social distancing.

Recently, the federal government of Nigeria issued a 14 days total lockdown of three cities, Lagos, Abuja and Ogun in a bid to enforce social distancing to enable the health workers do their job easily.

But Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen have added spice to their social distancing game by either redesigning their brand logo and changing their brand message.

Volkswagen Social Distancing Video

The clip features an inspirational text encouraging us to stay strong and united during the COVID-19 crisis. It ends with a modified version of VW’s logo and a message to thank us for keeping social distance

“At Volkswagen, we traditionally stand together in all crises and support each other. We are convinced that together we will find new ways and solutions that will enable us to overcome this crisis. Right now it is particularly important that we follow the rules of conduct and hygiene with a lot of discipline. Stay safe – keep social distance! #flattenthecurve.”


Audi Keep Distance. Stay Together Video

In a very similar move, Audi, Volkswagen AG’s premium brand from Ingolstadt, released a short video, in which the famous four rings are divided with some distance in between. As a reminder, the four rings symbolize the four previously independent manufacturers, Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, the amalgamation of which formed what we now know as simply Audi.

“Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together.”

Benz Logo Redesign

Mercedes-Benz social distancing logo redesign

The message is pretty clear, Benz has stated how important it is for us to stay away from each other for now in order for us to have a world tomorrow.

Brands and organizations are not just complying with the government and WHO’s call for social distancing, they are getting creatively supportive about it.

We at techafriqa are doing our part to comply and bring you up to date news while you stay indoors, the question now is ” Are you complying?”

What are you doing to help the world fight this virus that has come to claim our lives and that of our loved ones?

The least you could do is stay indoors till this is over.


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