New COVID-19 Test Device Can Return Results in 5 Minutes

New Covid19 test kit

Early testing of patience is critical to identifying potential spread and containing the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, testing is still not available in every area where it should.

Nigerians have shown concerns on social media that there might actually be more cases of the virus out there but unidentified due to the shortage of testing centers around the country.

Testing also takes quite a log time for results to be ready, and this on its own impacts the capabilities of the health professionals who need to test as many people as possible – as soon as possible.

However, there is good news on testing from the inited state.

According to The Verge, Medical device company Abbott has produced a new COVID-19 test that can return positive results in five minutes – and the device is compact enough to be run in a doctor’s office.

Recently, the test was approved for emergency use in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The test uses Abbott’s portable ID NOW platform and doesn’t require a central lab for analysis. The test can be run directly in the emergency room or urgent care clinic – this can easily cut down the day’s long wait some patients now face to receive their test results.

A doctor can simply take a swab from a person’s nose or throat, insert it into the test have a result in as little as 5 minutes to deliver positive results, and 13 minutes to deliver negative results.

Quick Testing is Critical

In a bid to quickly identify and isolate infected patience as soon as possible, any test that can quickly give doctors or healthcare workers answers in as short a wait as possible are essential during disease outbreaks

5-minute tests performed in a doctor’s office can help identify mild or asymptomatic patients and stop them from unknowingly spreading the virus.

As Nigeria hopes to clamp down the COVID-19 virus and stop it from further spreading – unknowingly by patients, we do hope that testing will be accelerated and this is the kind of technology that Nigerians expect the Government to invest in at this critical time.


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