What to do with the “Emergency” button on your phone lockscreen

Everyone wants their privacy. Everyone enjoys privacy. That is why we have doors and gates with heavily armed security guards.

Most mobile phones have one security feature or the other. From lock pins to passwords, lock patterns, fingerprints, and facial recognition. All these are designed to keep people from snooping around your device.

However, these features can impede in the case of an emergency – loss of phone, sickness, accident or even death.

Think of a locked phone found by the side of the road. Unless a call comes in, the person who finds it would be helpless on how to return the phone.

Whether you use a password or pattern, there’s an emergency button that allows a certain level of access to your information in the case of an emergency.

Here’s how to keep your phone secure and also allow others to have access to it in case of an emergency:

2 simple steps.

  • Emergency Button 

When your phone is locked and you want to unlock it, you’d be required to <enter password> or pattern as the case may be. Beneath the area provided for password or pattern, there’s an <emergency> button. Click on the button to take you to the next page.

  • Enter your details

When the next page opens, click on <emergency information> twice and you will be required to unlock your phone to fill the form. Click on <edit information> after you have unlocked your phone and fill the form provided. Then click on <add contact> to add your emergency contacts.

Fill this form with correct information. Please note that this is the information that will be available in the case of an emergency. You can put as many numbers as you want however, we advise that you put the phone numbers of people who know you very well and can come to your aid.

Lock your phone and access the emergency page to see how it works.

Simple right?

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